A path of continuous growth

Our history begins at 1991, when Galileo Projects develops the first software for the the credit guarantee institutions. In a few years it becomes the more widespread information system.
Over the years, simultaneously to the  development and  growth of the actors envolved in mutual guarantees in Italy, Galileo Network grows, acquiring over time companies or branches of business that contribute to enrich its know-how and the quality of solutions offered to customers.
Today Galileo Network is a consolidated reality on the market, capable of offering diversified solutions to Credit Guarantee Institutions and to other entities in Italy.
Furthermore, it provides solutions for all the finacial inetrmediaries such as  the Regional Financial, some of which are turning into Financial Intermediaries 106. Last but not least, Galileo Network’s know how contributes  to the operation of  institutions that are working in the sector of  microcredit and Microfinance, andother institutions that manage the process of guarantees, in Italy and Europe as well.