Galileo Network: Pole of specific skills

Galileo Network in the development of its information systems and for many years alongside the world of Confidi and other financial intermediaries, today is characterized by a pole of specific skills for non-bank financial intermediaries supervised by the Bank of Italy, for Confidi Minor and for Microcredit Operators.

The full compliance of our IT procedures with current legislation comes from the professionalism developed in the Galileo Network and is available to our customers.

In addition to providing Outsourcing Informatics services, Galileo Network customers have access to Back Office services and reporting and control services.

Our customers can ask for specific advice on:

Bank of Italy regulations
Surveillance Messages
Risk Management
Anti-Money Laundering and Prevention of International Terrorism
Transparency Regulation
Privacy Policy

General Accounting, drafting of the Financial Statements

Through our training, our clients access a range of courses specifically designed to improve skills and grow in their own market.



The internal expertise of Galileo Network is made available to customers who may require specific assistance and advice services



Knowledge of the Credit Guarantee Institutions world’s specificity with the concrete application of rules within the Information Systems represent a characteristic feature of the training proposed by Galileo Network

Galileo Network assistenza


Galileo Network has developed a number of services, modules and applications that enable our customers to tailor their work environment to suit their needs