Dematerialization of documents and signature

Grafometric Signature is available through cloud infrastructure, allows you to send (by calling a web service integrated into the calling application) the files to be signed with a set of metadata that qualify them:
  • The operator enters his agenda, consult the list of what must be signed, open, and sign the graphometric signature. This signature can be applied either on a specific wacom tablet in the case of a PC or directly on the tablet and / or where the tablet does not provide it, with a special nozzle that detects the pressure
  • The signed file is stored in our document management system and is available or to be transferred also via automation to another system or for future reference
  • You can then bring it all in Digital Conservation according to law with our integrated proposal or integrate with other conservation systems

Digital Signature and Substitute Storage

Eliminates paper and uses the most advanced tools to sign documents
The process of Document Management is linked to the processes of:
  • Digital signature
  • PEC
  • Substitution Conservation

Depending on a customizable system, each document can be sent in Digital Signature, sent via PEC, and / or filed in Substitute Conservation.

All processes are handled by the BPM that manages the workflow.

Infocert is the Galileo Network partner for managing these features.