Corporate Intranet

To share information and create a unique work environment

It is at the same time the container (desk) of all the systems and the communication system inside the company and is therefore the virtual site where business and communication are developing redefining the relationship between the company and the person.

The Galileo Network Company Intranet is a tool that can work independently to support the Supervised Intermediary business, which among others means:

  • Publishing Circulars / Information
  • Managing a Distributed, Shared, and / or Personalized User Agenda (Associated with MS Outlook)
  • Deploy various nature documents in Workflow and User Profile
  • Structured information (rates and interest) and other business services such as holiday plans, booking rooms, forums, questionnaires
It is integrated with the information supply directly managed by Galileo Network comprising:
  • Regulatory calendar: banking supervisory reports, AUI, Tax Registry
  • Training Calendar / Events
  • Distribution of documentation to support the Normative and Manuals
Explains natively and directly the services of:
  • First Level Controls” for improving and managing the quality of the data
  • «Performance point» for the publication of the Business Intelligence platform