Sales Platform

To manage your networks and your customers
The Sales Platform, the industry’s most popular market IT solution, focuses on synchronizing transaction and marketing processes with transactional ones, creating a customer-oriented business model and customer relationship management portfolio based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) approach Concept of customer centrality.

The platform allows different approaches to use

  • For Wallet
  • For Events
  • For Calendar Agent
  • For Customer Products Catalog
The module allows you to manage product sales with full customer status information and a first data collection (practice configuration wizards)
  • Sales Platform is able to handle, among other things, campaigns, carriage of shopping products, and customer clustering by using the Business Intelligence platform.
  • The sales phases are regulated and organized by specific Workflow (BPM) processes that drive operators by directly supporting business, planning and marketing.
  • Sales Platform, completed the sale, starts the management of the sold product by communicating with the specific party for the management of the credit practices