Rating CGls

Use of statistical validate rating
There is a growing demand for credit guarantee institutions to have valuation tools for companies that require the collateral.
Being often a small company, infoproviders only partially cover this need.
The positive experiences gained over the years in many Credit guarantee institutions show that risk assessment tools are very useful.
  • In selecting the businesses to be guaranteed
  • In determining the prices to be applied for the issue of the guarantee
  • In monitoring the risks involved.
Galileo Network, starting with a project born in Fedart Fidi and developed with the support of KPMG Advisory, wants to offer to Credit guarantee institutions an advanced rating tool for companies that is:
  • With Internal Rating Based Approach
  • Submitted to periodic and up to date evaluations
  • Capable of limiting management costs with expected automation (loading Balances, CR info and mandates) and the volume of managed requests
  • Accessible to all Trusts regardless of the Information System used
  • Recognizable by the banking system
  • Capable of leading to less capital absorption