MATCH! Regional Financial Intermediaries

In support of the new developments in Financial Intermediaries

MATCH! Regional Financial is the enterprise platform for the complete management of the process of expectation of financial intermediaries through automation of flexible workflow and defined by the user.

MATCH! Regional financial guarantees the management on the execution of business processes, including safety systems of audit and management of permissions, versioning and recording of transactions performed.

MATCH! Regional financial includes advanced tools for measuring the riskiness of the portfolio, with monitoring tools of the phenomena of credit deterioration including the management of case studies of new cases of credit risk of European legislation forborne performing and non performing.

MATCH! Regional financial allows the management of loans and guarantees to the reports of Bank of Italy, the management of funds for contributions to people and businesses.

MATCH! Regional financial offers to public financial institutions a complete and integrated solution that arises from experience matured in the field of non-banking financial intermediaries.

The evolution of regional financial in financial intermediaries is already supported by the solutions of outsourcing managed by Galileo Network in some regions.