For the credit guarantee institution, also in multilingual version for the European Guarantee Bodies

MATCH! It offers an integrated and complete solution, corresponding to the needs arising from legislation and organizational which characterizes the sector, and at the same time has the objective of optimizing the work of supervised intermediaries with a set of tools that can automate, industrialize, and normalize fully functional, allowing also to organize the necessary controls and to facilitate communication with the banks and the organisations.

MATCH! It allows, with the use of the most innovative technologies, the almost complete automation of ordinary operations, favoring the definition and standardization of the processes according to banking extraction methodologies and automating the exchange of information with institutions and Info Provider, thus ensuring the circularity and completeness of the information.

MATCH! derives from the long experience of the Galileo Network in  the sector of credit guarantee isntitutions  and more generally the Supervised Intermediaries and consists of a set of specific software and services for the Supervised Intermediaries sector.