MATCH! Guides you through the procedures

Workflow/BPM and Document Manager integrated into PEF

Fido’s Electronic Dossier (PEF) is an end-to-end industrialized and integrated route that can effectively support the user throughout the entire licensing and refinement chain.

The operation of Fido’s Electronic Dossier uses:

  • The Workflow / BPM engine (managed by the Metastorm/Icon suite, market leader product) that parametrically manages the flow of navigation and allows the definition and management of authorization and deliberative processes;
Document Manager software that manages client documentation and practice, organizing it into indexed folders and readily available and upgradable throughout the credit chain;

The web-oriented technology architecture is easily implemented and integrable with other software modules; Allows customization to the organization and coexistence with specific applications already in use.

PEF is the result of the experience gained by Galileo Network in the Supervisioned Intermediaries sector as a partition (interfaced with BPM that manages the workflow) made explicitly and specifically for the management of these structures.

A solution that integrates several subsystems

Complete and flexible

MATCH! is a complex solution that is able to work in an integrated way with several sub-elements that are a substantial part of it and other options that allow the client to extend the S.I. for managing other procedures, such as the Commercial Platform, Business Intelligence, dematerialization of documents with digital or graphometric signature.